Handling a suspected case of COVID-19 according to NPHO

If a guest meets the criteria of the COVID-19 case definition, the procedure below must be followed:

The hotel’s health official, must contact NPHO IMMEDIATELY at 210 5212054 or 1135 hotline ( 24/7) to declare the suspected case and receive guidance on how to handle the case.

  • The patient is advised to remain in his room and keep the door shut.
  • If the patient shows symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, runny nose), he must be provided immediately with a mask and tissues.
  • If the patient was accompanied by another individual who still wishes to remain with him to take care of him (e.g. spouse), then this person must also be given a standard surgical mask and must practice hand hygiene at all times when coming in contact with the patient’s secretions (e.g. saliva) and, most importantly, before touching their face or before eating or drinking.
  • Personnel must be advised to avoid entering the patient’s room, unless there is a serious reason. If need arises, we suggest that only one member of the hotel staff be responsible for the suspected case. This way, the number of employees exposed to infection may be reduced to minimum.
  • Any used protective equipment (standard surgical mask, gloves) must be disposed of in a bin and must in no case be used again.
  • After disposing of the protective equipment, you should wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap. Please note that using gloves does not replace hand washing, which is the most important measure of protection.

Care should be taken by hotel management for accessible and adequate amount of supplies to be used for infection prevention:

  • soap or hand disinfectant
  • tissues
  • surgical masks
  • disposable gloves
  • thermometers
  • garbage bags
  • surface cleanser

Finally, to safeguard public health, the hotel management must keep a record of all members of staff and all persons who stayed at the hotel – name, nationality, check-in and check-out date, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail), to allow communication with all individuals who came in close contact with a later confirmed case of COVID-19.